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avatar N8Solutions
13 Feb 2016

There is a bug where if you add a class to a custom html module using the Module Class Suffix box under the Advanced tab it replicates the classes entered showing it on the front end twice. Twice meaning that it adds the classes once around the container which includes the Title and a second time around the text inside the custom html module.

To duplicate this, simply add any class you want in the Module Class Suffix box for a published custom html module. Preferably a class that you can see such as a border or drop shadow. Make sure the custom html module is published in either one of the Side positions or the Footer positions such as these from the Beez3 template.
Footer Top: position-9
Footer Middle: position-10
Footer Bottom: position-11
Left Middle: position-4
Left Bottom: position-5
Left Top: position-7
Right Middle: position-8
Right Bottom: position-6
Right Top: position-3

It appears to work fine if published elsewhere.

This is also not template specific as I have reproduced this using Protostar, Beez3, and several other 3rd party templates.

Original Joomla forum post for this issue can be found here:

screen shot 2016-02-13 at 07 00 48
screen shot 2016-02-13 at 07 00 48


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avatar N8Solutions N8Solutions - open - 13 Feb 2016
avatar Webdongle
Webdongle - comment - 13 Feb 2016

Can confirm this is happening with Staging and 3.5.0 beta 2.

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avatar Bakual
Bakual - comment - 13 Feb 2016

It's the case for most modules. The reason is that this parameter is used both in the module chrome from the template and the module output itself.

I doubt we can change it without breaking something. Just write your CSS rules so it matches only one instance (eg combine your CSS rule with the other class present)

avatar Webdongle
Webdongle - comment - 13 Feb 2016

Yep, got it ... thanks

custom 02

avatar Bakual Bakual - change - 13 Feb 2016
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avatar Bakual Bakual - close - 13 Feb 2016

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