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avatar nternetinspired
30 Sep 2014

Tag, you're it!

A list of tags is logically just that, a list, making a list element is the correct semantic choice for a containing element. Span makes no sense in this context and appears to have been used simply to render the tags inline.

Using the wrong element to achieve a certain visual appearance is bad.

Get a free froghurt

This PR implements the correct html tag for the job at hand and throws list items inline using Bootstrap's purpose-made .inline class, saving on additional css.

The frogurt is also cursed

Bootstrap's padding on inline-list elements is slightly greater than one letterspace (the whitespace that exists naturally between span elements), so tags will be spaced slightly further apart after this change.

But you get a free topping

This is actually beneficial because natural whitespace can be affected in unpredictable ways by, for example, extensions that minify the html. That would remove natural whitespace causing tags to smash into each other, something which would be prevented by this change.

avatar nternetinspired nternetinspired - open - 30 Sep 2014
avatar jissues-bot jissues-bot - change - 30 Sep 2014
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avatar Kubik-Rubik Kubik-Rubik - test_item - 1 Oct 2014 - Tested successfully
avatar Kubik-Rubik
Kubik-Rubik - comment - 1 Oct 2014

Tested successfully, good change!

How to get the list? Just add some tags to an article, activate the display of tags in the options of the component and open the article in the frontend. Their you will see an inline list of all tags associated with this article.

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avatar brianteeman brianteeman - change - 1 Oct 2014
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avatar byallanhansen
byallanhansen - comment - 1 Oct 2014

Test ok.

avatar nternetinspired
nternetinspired - comment - 1 Oct 2014
avatar wilsonge
wilsonge - comment - 2 Oct 2014


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avatar wilsonge wilsonge - change - 2 Oct 2014
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avatar roland-d roland-d - alter_testresult - 4 Oct 2014 - byallanhansen: Tested successfully
avatar RCheesley
RCheesley - comment - 4 Oct 2014

Test successful, small change in white space between tags as expected.

avatar phproberto phproberto - change - 8 Oct 2014
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avatar zero-24 zero-24 - close - 8 Oct 2014
avatar phproberto phproberto - change - 8 Oct 2014
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