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19 Apr 2023

Summary of Changes

The Joomla\CMS\Input package has been deprecated and we have the Joomla\Input\Input package from the framework instead. This converts all occurences of the CMS package over to the framework package. This especially fixes the issue that our application baseclass, Joomla\Application\AbstractWebApplication, uses the framework classes, while all child classes in the CMS use the CMS classes.

This introduces a few b/c breaks, which I would consider acceptable, but also requires more work on the InputFilter class. The following issues have come up:

  • The framework Input class uses the framework Joomla\Filter\InputFilter, while the CMS class uses the CMS InputFilter class. These 2 are not compatible right now, which is something we have to fix for the 3.0 release of the framework. The InputFilter framework class is lacking in functionality here.
  • The framework class doesn't have the unserialize() method the CMS class has. However, the CMS class also doesn't have a serialize() method anyway, so that feature doesn't work at all. This feature was removed 4 years ago.
  • Joomla\CMS\Input\Cookie::set() currently accepts an array of values and then sets a cookie for each entry in the array, the framework doesn't have this feature.
  • Joomla\CMS\Input\Files::get() has additional code to check for unsafe files, which would have to be added to the framework package.

This PR also depends, among other things, on #40429.

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Hackwar - comment - 19 Apr 2023

Please note that the CMS Input package is still used in the CLI applications and there is no CLI replacement in the framework package, among other things because according to the docblocks the joomla/console package should be used instead.

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This pull request has been automatically rebased to 5.1-dev.

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