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3 Mar 2022

Top 45 Argumentative Essay Topics - 2022 Guide


Argumentative essays are essential pieces of writing that allow the writer to argue on a particular subject according to their perspective. Writing an argumentative essay is not something you can do right on your first try. As an essay writer, you need to practice the fundamentals of presenting an argument and defending it through one or more academic pieces of evidence, which can help you build stronger opinions that successfully defend your thesis statement.


A good argumentative essay contains a well-constructed and easy-to-understand thesis statement, valid arguments to defend the thesis, and pieces of evidence from the literature to prove the authenticity of the claims. However, an even crucial step that should be followed before anything else is selecting the right essay topic. When I write my essay, I make sure to choose an interesting topic according to my target audience. It is very important to keep the readers in mind before you decide on the topic. Another thing important while choosing the right argumentative essay topic is that you should research the subject before finalizing your thesis statement. This helps you to understand the stances of other people on the particular issue under discussion, and I can comprehend if the topic is right for me and my readers.


Below, I have gathered a few tips for you that can help you in writing a good argumentative essay on any topic that you choose. If you still think that your argumentative essay is just not up to the mark, you can always consult an essay writing service that will not only guide you with the things you need to improve but can also provide you with a professionally written essay.


  • Preparing an outline of the argumentative essay is very useful. You can write your thesis statement and mention your sub-claims and evidence under it. This helps you in not getting off track while writing the essay and compiling all the evidence first saves a lot of time.
  • Make sure each body paragraph has a well-defined topic sentence, which is a claim relating to your thesis statement.
  • If you present multiple premises of the topic sentence in your paragraph, make sure to use the right transition words.
  • Before concluding your essay, be sure to write a paragraph about the opposite claims and provide counter-evidence to support your stance over it.
  • Proofreading the essay is very important. Be sure to read through the essay and have a friend or family member proofread it for you as well.


Following is a list of the best essay topics that you can choose from and start writing your own argumentative essay.


Top 45 Argumentative Essay Topics




o Should sports be a part of the curriculum?


o Is e-gaming a real sport?


o The use of steroids should lead to exclusion from sports.


o College athletes are not paid enough.


o Cheerleading is not a sport.


o Is being an essay writer good for your reputation?




o The college fee is too expensive.


o STEM is not for girls.


o Hard work guarantees success for students.


o Is arts education important?


o Should sex education be a part of the curriculum?


Science and Technology


o Smartphones are making people lazier.


o Life without social media is meaningless.


o Children should have their own phones.


o Humans have the right to put their own needs before the needs of an animal.


o Technology has affected communication.


Health and Medicine


o Cosmetic surgery is not healthy.


o The diets of vegetarians increase their lifetime.


o Doctors vs. Nurses: Who does the more important work?


o Oversleeping harms the body system.


o Diet can make people look younger in their late 70s.




o Male workers should also receive paternity leaves.


o Cheating is increasing every day.


o The candidate's appearance should not matter in the job hiring.


o Is torture ever acceptable?


o Models should not be photo-shopped on beauty magazines.


o Age does not define success.


Other Topics


o Girls are more intelligent than boys.


o Teenage marriages should not be allowed.


o It is okay to date multiple people at the same time.


o Eating meat is not ethical.


o Should abortion be a right?


o Human cloning should be legalized.


o Parents encourage gender stereotypes.


o Teachers are not responsible for students’ bad performance.


o Animals can be used for scientific testing.


o Ask away write my essay for me to the professionals!


o Wearing fur should not be unethical.


o Should there be punishments for bad parenting?


o Does boredom cause people to get in trouble?



o Programming should be part of the middle-school curriculum.


o Is competition good for students?


o Uniforms are beneficial.


o Video games cause behavioral problems.


o Attending same-sex schools is better.


o Rich people should pay more taxes.


o Should the drinking age be raised?


o Diets are not helpful.


Once you have chosen the relevant topic, you can start writing your argumentative essays right away. Be sure to organize it properly with the help of guidelines, you can find them online as well. Time to get started on your essays, good luck! 


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