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avatar Fedik
18 Dec 2021

Pull Request for Issue #24343 .

Summary of Changes

The patch re-init an editor when the iframe moved around DOM.

Testing Instructions

Apply patch, run npm install
Please follow #24343

Or create subform with editor (example in Custom HTML):

<field type="subform" name="subform" multiple="true" label="subform">
    <field type="editor" name="text" label="editor" buttons="false"  default="I am a text!"/>

Add couple rows in subform and try sort them. Then watch editor content.

Actual result BEFORE applying this Pull Request

Content are gone.

Expected result AFTER applying this Pull Request

Content still there (can be with little delay)

Documentation Changes Required


avatar Fedik Fedik - open - 18 Dec 2021
avatar Fedik Fedik - change - 18 Dec 2021
Status New Pending
avatar joomla-cms-bot joomla-cms-bot - change - 18 Dec 2021
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0ddd198 18 Dec 2021 avatar Fedik jscs
avatar Fedik Fedik - change - 18 Dec 2021
Labels Added: PR-4.0-dev NPM Resource Changed
avatar Quy Quy - change - 1 Jun 2022
Labels Added: PR-4.1-dev
Removed: PR-4.0-dev
avatar HLeithner
HLeithner - comment - 27 Jun 2022

This pull request has automatically rebased to 4.2-dev.

avatar joomla-bot
joomla-bot - comment - 27 Jun 2022

This pull requests has been automatically converted to the PSR-12 coding standard.

avatar HLeithner HLeithner - change - 27 Jun 2022
Labels Added: psr12
avatar Quy Quy - change - 28 Jun 2022
Labels Added: PR-4.2-dev
Removed: PR-4.1-dev

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