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28 Jul 2021

Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Register new user account, verify email by clicking the link in the received email.
  2. As an administrator (super user), activate a new registered user account in backend.
    (Setting is: Administrator has to activate new user accounts)

Expected result

User gets email, that his account was activated and ready to use

Actual result

User does not get a email

System information (as much as possible)

Joomla 3.9.28
PHP 7.4
Using PHP Mail or SMTP Mail, does not matter

Additional comments

The activation email is sent to the user, when the admin is using the activation link in the email (which he gets when a new user has registered and verified his email adress).
But when the admin is going to activate the user in the backend (instead using the link in the email), the user does not get a email notifying him, that his account is now activated and ready to use.

avatar tschombes tschombes - open - 28 Jul 2021
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avatar tschombes tschombes - change - 28 Jul 2021
No activation email is sent when admin activates user in backend
[3.9] No activation email is sent when admin activates user in backend
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avatar brianteeman
brianteeman - comment - 28 Jul 2021

This is a long standing problem that for some reason never gets fixed see #20282

avatar tschombes
tschombes - comment - 31 Jul 2021

In my opinion this should be fixed in the joomla core code, i am afraid to use a year-old patch

avatar brianteeman
brianteeman - comment - 31 Jul 2021

it should be fine - but I agree 10000% with you

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