Conflicting Files PR-4.0-dev ?
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7 Nov 2020

Continues the work of #31318 and #31323 by correcting the behaviour of the alt text and changing the strings to match the work done in #31318

This is very slightly different to the other similar PR as before this PR there were no alt text at all not even empty ones


To read why this change is very important see #31318

Testing Part 1

Testing is really easy. No npm, js or css involved.
Merge the pull request and then create one of each of the three types of tag menu items and add an image

List All Tags


Tagged Items & Compact Tagged Items


Testing Part 2

  1. Image Description (Alt Text) = Empty
    No Description = unchecked

  2. Image Description (Alt Text) = "some description"
    No Description = unchecked

  3. Image Description (Alt Text) = Empty
    No Description = checked

The expected behaviour for each of these tests is

1.<img src="filename.jpg">
2. <img src="filename.jpg" alt="some description">
3. <img src="filename.jpg" alt >
or <img src="filename.jpg" alt="">

PLEASE do not comment on what you think the code does but apply the PR and test it. Getting very tired of people blocking PR with their comments without actually testing the code.

cc @carcam

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Quy - comment - 16 Nov 2020

Tested successfully. Listed as a discussion in issue tracker.

avatar brianteeman brianteeman - change - 2 Feb 2021
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