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avatar infograf768
15 Apr 2019

See discussion #24541

Summary of Changes

Using new Toolbar class all over the view.
Displaying a confirm alert when setting a style as Default

Before patch

One can choose multiple template styles and use Default button, therefore setting as Default the style with the lower id.

After patch

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 06 57 08


avatar infograf768 infograf768 - open - 15 Apr 2019
avatar infograf768 infograf768 - change - 15 Apr 2019
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avatar joomla-cms-bot joomla-cms-bot - change - 15 Apr 2019
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avatar brianteeman
brianteeman - comment - 15 Apr 2019

Personally I believe this to be the wrong approach for j4 and the button should be disabled instead

avatar infograf768
infograf768 - comment - 15 Apr 2019

Yes, this would be the ideal.
I am sure you will find a better way with the existing toolbar code we have in J4.

avatar infograf768 infograf768 - change - 16 Apr 2019
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avatar jduerscheid jduerscheid - test_item - 19 Oct 2019 - Tested unsuccessfully
avatar jduerscheid
jduerscheid - comment - 19 Oct 2019

I have tested this item 🔴 unsuccessfully on e1744e8

I think there is some work needed. The message is displayed everytime you click on the default button. Even when only one style is selected. When I select more than one style and I confirm the errormessage one of the selected is set to default. I think this is no good workflow.

It would be better if the message only displays when more than one styles are selected. Furthermore it would be better, that only one button is on the Message, and if you click it you will get back to the selection you did and you has the option to update your selection.

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