J3 Issue ?
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18 Jan 2019

Steps to reproduce the issue

Log in to the backend.

For articles and contacts: In a category of Content or Contacts, create an item with a restricted view level (Administrator, editor, not user). Or change an existing one.

For tags: Change the view level for an Article with a particular chosen tag. Create and publish Tags - Popular module, if not published yet.

Log in to the frontend as a user.

For articles and contacts: List the categories of the articles or contacts and observe the number of items.

For tags: Observe the similar in the module for Tags - Popular.

Expected result

For articles and contacts: In that particular Category or for that particular tag, the number of the items shall be restricted only to the items, which the user can see -- the access level of the user allows that.

Actual result

For articles and contacts: When opening the Category, the number is at least one item less -- the item for which the view rights has been previously changed.

For tags: The count of items displayed next to the tag differs from the number of items under that tags -- after opening the tag.

System information (as much as possible)

Joomla 3.9.2

Additional comments


avatar kofaysi kofaysi - open - 18 Jan 2019
avatar joomla-cms-bot joomla-cms-bot - labeled - 18 Jan 2019
avatar kofaysi
kofaysi - comment - 25 Feb 2019

I have analyzed the helper file and find out that tags are filtered according the view access level:

->where($db->quoteName('t.access') . ' IN (' . $groups . ')');

but the articles with these tags are not filtered:
->from('(' . (string) $query . ') AS a')

->where('a.access IN (' . $groups . ')');
to line 120 does not make any change.

Solving the else case is up to my knowledge.

avatar franz-wohlkoenig franz-wohlkoenig - change - 4 Mar 2019
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avatar franz-wohlkoenig
franz-wohlkoenig - comment - 4 Mar 2019

@HLeithner can you please comment?

avatar HLeithner
HLeithner - comment - 4 Mar 2019

iirc @Hackwar looked at this for j4

avatar franz-wohlkoenig
franz-wohlkoenig - comment - 4 Mar 2019

this is for J3.

avatar Hackwar
Hackwar - comment - 5 Mar 2019

I've not looked into this yet. I'm in the process of rewriting tagging in 4.0, but did not get to that part yet. But in general the bug description looks correct.

avatar franz-wohlkoenig franz-wohlkoenig - change - 16 Mar 2019
Status Information Required Discussion
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Labels Added: J3 Issue
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avatar SharkyKZ
SharkyKZ - comment - 8 Jul 2019

Test PR #25473 please.

avatar franz-wohlkoenig
franz-wohlkoenig - comment - 8 Jul 2019

Closed as having Pull Request #25473

avatar franz-wohlkoenig franz-wohlkoenig - close - 8 Jul 2019
avatar franz-wohlkoenig franz-wohlkoenig - change - 8 Jul 2019
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