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avatar Hackwar
30 Jun 2018

OpenSearch allows you to (for example) add your site search to the search engines of your browser. Right now, this does not work and has been broken for about a year (See 00d8bac)

This PR fixes the OpenSearchDescription.

How to test

  • Open your site in Firefox and go to a page with mod_search displayed.
  • In the address bar, there is a menu (the three horizontal dots). In that menu, you have an entry "Add searchengine" (The last menuitem) Click that and see that it throws an error message shortly after that it couldn't install the search engine.
  • Apply patch and click the link again and see, that it works now.

I discovered this issue while working on com_finder for 4.0 and I also fixed the issue there, too. So while you are at it, it would be really nice if you could test #20936 also. 😄

avatar Hackwar Hackwar - open - 30 Jun 2018
avatar Hackwar Hackwar - change - 30 Jun 2018
Status New Pending
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avatar Quy Quy - test_item - 30 Jun 2018 - Tested successfully
avatar Quy
Quy - comment - 30 Jun 2018

I have tested this item successfully on fb3e3f7

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avatar franz-wohlkoenig franz-wohlkoenig - test_item - 2 Jul 2018 - Tested successfully
avatar franz-wohlkoenig
franz-wohlkoenig - comment - 2 Jul 2018

I have tested this item successfully on fb3e3f7

System information

  • 3.8.11-dev
  • Template: Protostar
  • macOS Sierra, 10.13.5
  • Firefox 61 (64-bit)


avatar franz-wohlkoenig franz-wohlkoenig - change - 2 Jul 2018
Status Pending Ready to Commit
avatar franz-wohlkoenig
franz-wohlkoenig - comment - 2 Jul 2018

Ready to Commit after two successful tests.

avatar mbabker mbabker - change - 7 Jul 2018
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Closed_By mbabker
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