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Animal testing refers to the process of conducting experiments by an essay writer on animal subjects for developing an empirical knowledge base within a specific field. Animal testing has been practiced in human history since ancient times. Historical evidence suggests the use of animal testing as long as the 2nd century BC. Famous personalities who experimented on animals include Erasistratus and Aristotle. Animal testing has been practiced in defense sectors, commercial products, pharmaceuticals, and medical universities.


The basic idea behind animal testing always remains the same; developing, enhancing, and testing knowledge base. There has been a presence of immense controversy relating to animal testing. Animal testing is a very common essay topic. At any point in time, you could be asked to compose an essay on Animal testing like an expert essay writer


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If you ever face any confusion about writing an argumentative essay, you can always ask for a professional to write my essay for me . The opinion about animal testing has been divided into two places, pro-animal testing, and pro-ethics. Animal testing should be performed because the perseverance of human health and viability against different disorders depends on the medical knowledge gathered through animal testing. The invention of different medicines in the market requires testing the drugs on animals as many animals have identical DNA compared to human beings.


Animal testing should be carried out because it is the safest and most effective way of testing new medicines. The introduction of new drugs in the market without prior testing can pose serious health risks for consumers. Testing new drugs on human subjects might pose life risks and serious consequences. Animals provide the safest and most effective method for the introduction of new medicinal techniques. If you are concerned about the complexity involving in writing an argumentative essay on Animal testing, please be mindful that a reputable Dissertation Writing Services guide you towards the right format. An animal has many similar physiological functions identical to human beings. With the presence of slightly similar physiology, the researchers can have an idea about how a certain medicine will function on humans. The availability of new and effective medicines depends on animal testing procedures for the safety of required medicines in the market.


There is no effective alternative to animal testing presented to date as animal testing is the only choice. The lack of a suitable alternative other than animal testing leaves the medical community with utmost necessitation. Consider a scenario where animal testing has become banned. The researchers want to test a new drug that might be useful for treating an incurable form of cancer to date. Many patients on the verge of facing death are looking forward to the new drug testing. Without the availability of animal subjects, the researchers abandoned the research process. As you can see an argumentative essay flows on logical and argumentative design. Seasoned essay writers craft an argumentative essay with a flawless approach and it needs practice and learning. There is simply no other reliable alternative except for conducting experiments within ethical boundaries on the animals for the greater benefits of the human race. You can get online help from thesis writing service


The opponents claim that animal testing is a highly unethical practice and it leads to the violation of animal rights. Human beings can invent, and the human mind is capable of figuring out almost any problem. If rigorous efforts are put in finding or creating an alternative resource to animal testing, the human mind is capable of discoveries. In an argumentative essay, you also include the logical arguments of your opponents. If you are new to essay writing, the requirement might seem to be overwhelming. You don’t have to worry in such a scenario as you can always ask a professional writing service to write my essay. By including the claims of your opponents, you are giving yourself a chance to negate those claims in the following paragraph known as the counterclaim paragraph.


The opponents' claim about finding new alternatives should be the priority is not a practical argument. A considerable amount of research and efforts have already been put into finding suitable alternatives against animal testing. The opponents claim that humans should invest energy in finding a suitable alternative is not practicable. Scientists cannot replicate a similar physiological system in the laboratory. Experimenting on a non-living subject might pose a serious risk to the life of human beings. If free essay writer on time why not consider a professional essay writing service to help you with your ongoing assignment. Here, as you can see, we are trying to negate the argument of the opponents by providing counter-arguments. The process of writing an argumentative essay is indeed a time-consuming and demanding project.


 In the final paragraph of an argumentative essay, you will relate to your thesis statement and provide a summary of the main points. Animal subjects are used for developing new medicines that save lives. Saving a human life should always be prioritized if there is no other choice left. Unlike animals, Human beings have moral reasoning and perceive the experience of suffering and pain. Animal testing is conducted for saving human lives and there is no other effective substitute available. The absence of a suitable resource for conducting medical experiments for the greater benefit of the human race has left scientists with no other option. As you can see an expert essay writer knows how to write an essay that supports your stance. Henceforth, we can decipher that animal testing is the requirement for the viability of the human race against different diseases. Until the availability of any other effective alternative, animal testing should be continued as animal testing saves lives.


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