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A rhetorical analysis essay is a genre of writing that uses emotions and appeals to persuade the reader. A rhetoric essay usually starts with a hook to stun the readers and create an impact. Rhetoric essays are inclined more towards the emotions and thinking of a writer than logic and argument building. Mostly literature and language essays are written in this genre to create an impression. The following contains a list of rhetorical analysis essay topics that can be used by writers. I always think about writing these essays when I write my essay. However, before we reveal those topics, let’s have a look at a few tips to write rhetorical essays.


To write these essays, the first step is to select an appropriate topic that can have an emotional side to it. The topic should be sentimental to touch the hearts of readers and change their beliefs. After the selection of the topic, the next step is to clarify yourself what is the purpose of this writing. A proficient essay writer always initiates with this protocol and then starts the brainstorming and collection of data for the essay. Once these steps are done, the writer begins writing the essay by compiling the ideas. It is suggested that one should not choose a tricky or unusual topic for a rhetorical essay. Instead, a cliched topic is good to expound on and create a sentimental effect.




These tips are the composition of an essay. However, for rhetorical essays, there is another aspect that is the use of techniques. These techniques include alliteration, hooks, amplification, antanagoge, metaphors, similes, and many more that can create an impact. All these techniques help the topic to stand out. The words used and the correlation made with other things help the readers to create a connection and start to believe what the essay writer is trying to impose. Thus, the use of these strategies is important in rhetorical essays. Or else they will be no different than simple essays.


While writing rhetorical essays, it is essential to know about the audience that you are targeting. This is to know what age group and social strata they belong to. Since it will help the writer to make use of strategies and words according to their notions. Moreover, it is better for the writer to survey the audience. They can ask people around them or post a discussion online to get to know people’s opinions. If all these tips are focused on by a rhetorical essay writing service, then there is no way that the audience will not believe in the written context. Now without any further ado, let us have a look at a few topics for your rhetoric essay assignment.


  1.     Are schools hampering creativity?
  2.     Why did she smile?
  3.     Feminism opening new bounds.
  4.     Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”
  5.     Romeo and Juliet
  6.     A tragic happy ending
  7.     Martin Luther’s wise words
  8.     Nelson Mandela- an embodiment of humanity.
  9.     An ode to love by Shakespeare
  10. A man of steel
  11. A random starry night
  12. The Hollywood industry
  13. Jurassic Park.
  14. Lion king- a journey to identify oneself.
  15. Aristotle vs Plato. Who is the best?
  16. Newton vs Einstein.
  17. Is Newton’s fame a conspiracy?
  18. My first surprise birthday party.
  19. Graduation speech.
  20. Online shopping is more prevalent in the pandemic.
  21. Social media is a new power to enter the global village.
  22. Alice in Wonderland- a story of destiny finding life's road lane.
  23. How women perceive fashion vs how men carry it.
  24. Change in behavior of consumers.
  25. Is it alright to ask to write my essay?
  26. The difference in male and female psyches.
  27. Is feminism deviating from its originality?
  28. Introvert vs Extroverts.
  29. There is no better series than Harry Potter.
  30. Art is only for creative people.
  31. Life as a class representative.
  32. The themes of “The Great Gatsby”.
  33. The emotions of Donald Trump in his last speech as a President.
  34. How to make a magazine cover attractive.
  35. Use of colors in banners.
  36. How to make billboards appealing for viewers.
  37. TV campaigns are an effective strategy.
  38. There is a hidden meaning behind every representation.
  39. Corona vaccines and myths associated with them.
  40. Abortion and legality a dilemma.
  41. Social media and privacy an oxymoronic relation.
  42. Is the death penalty humane and legal?
  43. Are uniforms a necessity?
  44. Is higher education mandatory for everyone?
  45. Sexual harassment should no longer exist.
  46. Different definitions of heroism.
  47. Helen Keller is an example of persistence and hope for everyone.
  48. The fight against race.
  49. One famous movie of all time.
  50. Yellow journalism takes out the soul of real reporting.
  51. Disneyland- a happy place for everyone.


These are a few topics that can be used by writers, along with following the tips. This account will help writers to write a good essay. However, if they still feel uneasy writing one, then rest assured. There is an essay writing service working for such people who have trouble writing essays. They guide and even instead of people to help them out with the task; they are supposed to do. They lift the burden from students and take it on themselves. Thus, put your worries aside and start working on your essay with the help of these tips, and if you get stuck; then you are welcome for help anytime.



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