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avatar DonPedro34
26 Aug 2021

Steps to reproduce the issue

If you have 100's of Articles Tagged with the same Tag, like "Year 2021" and you want to see them, with 10 Articles per Page.

The First Page displays Correctly.

The Second Page returns 404 not found.

The First Page is linked like this:

The second page like this:

With "/tag" missing. => result 404.

Expected result

"/tag" is included.

Actual result

"/tag" is missing.

System information (as much as possible)

J 4.0.2 upgrade from 3.10.1

Additional comments

This works correctly on J 3.10.1


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avatar joomdonation
joomdonation - comment - 26 Aug 2021

Confirmed. Quick solution would be creating a menu item to link to List All Tags menu item type. I tested it on a mono language website and it worked, should work for your multilingual website, too

There is PR #33208 tries to solve this issue but it is not working yet.

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avatar arturkb
arturkb - comment - 25 Oct 2021

Yeep, same issue for me.

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avatar ch2856
ch2856 - comment - 2 May 2022

Any progress with this issue?

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