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avatar sakiss
22 Dec 2020

Steps to reproduce the issue

Assign a color field in an article and check it in the front-end.

Expected result

Colored element (square, circle, whatever)

Actual result

Color in hex. text format

color_custom field front-end

System information (as much as possible)

Joomla 4.0 beta6

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avatar C-Lodder
C-Lodder - comment - 23 Dec 2020

I think the HEX is expected, so it can be used accordingly. Not sure what benefit a "Coloured element (square, circle, whatever)" would be.

avatar drmenzelit
drmenzelit - comment - 23 Dec 2020

You can create an alternative layout for the color field and render a div container with the color value of the field.


That is an example I created for a tutorial.

avatar drmenzelit
drmenzelit - comment - 23 Dec 2020
avatar sakiss
sakiss - comment - 24 Dec 2020

Thank you for the replies.

I was hoping to integrate that in the core, since a hex. code does not mean a lot to a regular user.

I can prepare a PR, if it has chances to get merged.

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avatar bembelimen
bembelimen - comment - 27 Dec 2020

The hex code is exactly the expected result, as @C-Lodder pointed out, a coloured element does not make much sense in a generic way. To make is specific, just mkae an override and build your own element.

avatar sakiss
sakiss - comment - 28 Dec 2020

a coloured element does not make much sense in a generic way

Still do not understand how the hexademical code makes more sense, than the visual color.

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