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avatar Nuyonuyonoina
17 Sep 2020

Steps to reproduce the issue

Add a page break in an article. In Content - Page Break plugin, set Presentation Style > Sliders. Then display your page.

Expected result

Closed slider.

Actual result

Slider is open.

System information (as much as possible)

Joomla 3.9.21. Tested with different templates and editors.

Additional comments

avatar Nuyonuyonoina Nuyonuyonoina - open - 17 Sep 2020
avatar joomla-cms-bot joomla-cms-bot - labeled - 17 Sep 2020
avatar SharkyKZ
SharkyKZ - comment - 17 Sep 2020

If you're talking about the first page always being displayed, this is expected behavior.

avatar jwaisner jwaisner - change - 18 Sep 2020
Priority Urgent Medium
avatar SharkyKZ
SharkyKZ - comment - 18 Sep 2020

OK, I think I see the issue. Second page (first slider) is open but it shouldn't be.

avatar ghost
ghost - comment - 18 Sep 2020

Pageshas another behaviour than Slidersand Tabs:

Pages Sliders Tab
image image image

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