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avatar Magnytu2
15 Aug 2020

Hello everyone, I don't know what that represents for work. I am not a developer. But Cassiopeia must have at least the same settings as the Protostar template. Otherwise, there may not be a migration from Joomla 3.9 to 4. This is a minimum to find our main and secondary colors. Please take into account this request which seems very important to me.


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avatar sandewt
sandewt - comment - 15 Aug 2020

For your information: [4.0] Templates

avatar Magnytu2
Magnytu2 - comment - 15 Aug 2020

Thank you very much, I did not know this information. But that does not answer my request. For the purpose of switching from Joomla 3.9> 3.10> 4 it is necessary at least that users can find the same possibilities and without entering the code.

avatar sandewt
sandewt - comment - 15 Aug 2020

But that does not answer my request

Your proposal seems like a good idea. 👍

I can't really imagine that this hasn't been thought about yet.

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avatar N6REJ
N6REJ - comment - 15 Aug 2020

That really isn't the way templates work. Each template has its own module positions, styling, etc. I WOULD NEVER EVER allow joomla to modify my template!
Adding a primary/secondary form field for color is fine but don't expect it to be a turnkey upgrade imo.

avatar chmst
chmst - comment - 15 Aug 2020

Please be patient. We are aware of this problem and are working on it.

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avatar drmenzelit
drmenzelit - comment - 29 Sep 2020

Color and font switch have been added on the Cassiopeia repository

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