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avatar coolcat-creations
13 Mar 2019

Steps to reproduce the issue

After Updating to Joomla 3.9.4 the Joomla captcha Field (core) returns always invalid value - users can't register anymore when captcha is enabled.

Expected result


Actual result

Does not work here

System information (as much as possible)

Joomla 3.9.4

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avatar twister65
twister65 - comment - 16 Mar 2019

Please, could you give more information.
I successfully register a new user with recaptcha invisible and Joomla 3.9.4.
Perhaps, your settings have been changed.

avatar coolcat-creations
coolcat-creations - comment - 17 Mar 2019

So the only thing that was changed was the Joomla Version. And the Error message was unfortunately just "Captcha is invalid"... If the key is wrong it would show another error message on the Google Badge itself. Not sure how to debug.

avatar twister65
twister65 - comment - 17 Mar 2019

Perhaps, it could help. In the admin console, go to "Advanced Settings" for your key, and verify the "Domain/Package Name Validation" box is checked.
Otherwise, see:
I don't think that your problem is due to Joomla 3.9.4 because recaptcha plugin has not been modified.

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coolcat-creations - comment - 18 Mar 2019

Thank you - probably it will be this issue

The problem is solved, looks like the Captcha is using the function CurlTransport.php that was disabled in the last updates of PHP for security reason. So the server administrator enabled it. Thanks a lot for your support

I am checking with the hoster.

EDIT: Curl is not disabled, keys are correct, issue not solved. Having to use 3rd party plugin instead of core...

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wilsonge - comment - 19 Mar 2019

Reopening as you edited to say it's not solved

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avatar flyingwombats
flyingwombats - comment - 20 Mar 2019

I managed to find a test site on 3.9.3
I signed it up and added the keys tot he plugin. I activated the plugin and turned it on in the system area and then observed the invisible Captcha working on a form.
I then updated the site to 3.9.4 so that was the only change and observed that all was still working as it should be.

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J3.9.4 - Invisible Captcha stopped working
Invisible Captcha stopped working
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avatar Quy
Quy - comment - 4 Jun 2019

@coolcat-creations Is this still an issue with v3.9.6?

avatar coolcat-creations
coolcat-creations - comment - 5 Jun 2019

Yes, but I gave up trying and use 3rd party captchas on all sites. I guess its related to that it seems to use mootools.

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