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21 Nov 2017

Steps to reproduce the issue

In a version prior to Joomla 3.8.2 create a Joomla article category blog menu. The non-SEF URL format is


Upgrade to Joomla 3.8.2, edit the menu, save, and the URL format is now:


Expected result

Editing a category menu should not alter it's URL structure

Actual result

Editing a category menu alters the URL structure

System information (as much as possible)

Joomla 3.8.2

Additional comments

This happens because when editing a menu in Joomla 3.8.2, the "Tag" setting now has a value of "none" that is automatically pre-selected. When saving the menu it changes non-SEF URLs which is not desired, because why would the URL need to change if no changes were made? and it also breaks code that uses the AbstractMenu::getItems class to find those menus because now the menu format has also changed.


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franz-wohlkoenig - comment - 21 Nov 2017

@csthomas is one of your PR's for this Issue?

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csthomas - comment - 21 Nov 2017
avatar jreviews
jreviews - comment - 27 Nov 2017

As mentioned in the referenced forum post, it is necessary to always remove the "none" tag selection to revert to the original URL format, but most users that edit a menu will not do this, so effectively the URL changes anytime you update the menu.

avatar teokolo
teokolo - comment - 4 Dec 2017

I confirm the issue on Joomla 3.8.2 both on old and new category blog menu items, both SEF and non-SEF URLs.

I'm using SEF URLs and the suggested workaround (removing NONE tag and saving) does not work for me.

Steps to reproduce

  • Create a category, some articles in it, a category blog menu item
  • Access an article inside the category (URL is like site/category-url/33-article)
  • Now look at the breadcrumb pointing to category: expected link on breadcrumb us site/category-url but I see site/category-url?filter_tag[0]=

My workaround (very dirty) is replacing ?filter_tag[0]= with "" in file modules/mod_breadcrumbs/tmpl/default.php . I know it's not a breadcrumb problem, but I needed a very fast workaround.

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infograf768 - comment - 5 Dec 2017

Please test #18981

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avatar teokolo
teokolo - comment - 6 Dec 2017

My problem is not solved. If I look at breadcrumbs, wrong url is still there .
Maybe it's a different bug, let me know if it's better to open a new and detailed one.

avatar franz-wohlkoenig
franz-wohlkoenig - comment - 6 Dec 2017

@teokolo if #18981 don't solve the Issue and no other Issue is still open please create an new one.

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