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avatar mbabker
19 Oct 2017

Pull Request for Issue #12333

Summary of Changes

Our core API has a hardcoded set of password hashes that it supports making adding and removing support for hashing algorithms somewhat difficult. To improve this situation, we can make use of a new API in the Framework's Authentication package which provides an API for hashing and validating passwords and the use of the service container to allow handlers to be defined.

Testing Instructions

With the patch applied, authentication should still work as before with all supported password hashes. As well, rehashing older password hashes continues to work as before.

Documentation Changes Required

Document the new services in the container and the new PHP API, as well as how plugins can interface with this new functionality.

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mbabker - comment - 19 Oct 2017

Note this PR also cherry picks the merged #18254 into the 4.0 branch as this is built from the API changes added there.

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@mbabker Please fix the fact you cannot log in

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