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avatar saraheagle
17 Oct 2017

Steps to reproduce the issue

On a clean new site >> system >> global config >> smart search >> smart search tab
Allow empty search = no

Expected result

on /index.php?option=com_finder&view=search

Button has class="disabled"
When you enter a search term, I expect the disabled class to be removed

Actual result

The disabled class is not removed until after the form has been submitted.
If you have Bootstrap this style makes the button unclickable.
.btn.disabled {cursor:not-allowed; pointer-events:none}

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avatar brianteeman
brianteeman - comment - 17 Oct 2017

That entire code needs review.
The aim of the option "allow empty search" is for when you have filters selected
So for example if i wanted to find all the articles from a specific author then I could simply select the filter. But if allow empty search is set to no then I cant do that.
I guess that what needs to happen is for the class disabled to be removed as soon as you type in the search box when "allow empty search" is set to no

avatar brianteeman
brianteeman - comment - 18 Oct 2017

it probably needs something like ajaxchosen added to detect the inputs

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brianteeman - comment - 3 Jul 2018

@Hackwar did you see this issue

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