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20 Sep 2017

Steps to reproduce the issue

This is a feature request.
When you create a Menu Item > Category Blog, you can filter by Tag. Great.
But you can only select 1 Tag.
See screenshot.screen shot 2017-09-20 at 20 11 51

Expected result

It would be nice to allow Multiple Selection for Tags.
The page would then show all the Articles having any of these Tags.

Actual result

System information (as much as possible)

Additional comments

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The description was changed
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franz-wohlkoenig - comment - 21 Sep 2017

+1. @hans2103 can you extend?

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avatar woluweb
woluweb - comment - 21 Sep 2017

BTW, I don't want to push the suggestion too far, but there is also now (since 3.8) a Tag Filter in mod_article_category (#16945).
So maybe it would make sense to also allow for Multiple Tags there, especially if the code is same/similar.

avatar hans2103
hans2103 - comment - 21 Sep 2017

The only thing I did on #16945 was to copy a piece of code from the menu logic to the module logic.
I've copied $articles->setState('filter.tag', $params->get('filter_tag', '')); from the menu into the module.

@franz-wohlkoenig feel free to make a PR changing this single select into a multi select. It's a nice feature indeed. I will try to do the same.

avatar franz-wohlkoenig
franz-wohlkoenig - comment - 21 Sep 2017

@hans2103 i thought you have coded the PR so i called you. As you see i'm no Developer ;-)

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brianteeman - comment - 4 Oct 2017

Closed as we have a PR #18234

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