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1 Sep 2017

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So the plugin_url for fields supports CSS. Cool, I am going to use this to make a directory of models on my eshop that are wearing my designs... so to help them for helping me I want to give my customers all their social media links... but not every person their or here uses every single social media platform. I myself just got reddit... so i put my css for the icon, put in the url and goto article and I see this long url beside the icon... this plugin/component needs another option "Use CSS for link" and then "use url for tool tip" "show link"

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franz-wohlkoenig - comment - 2 Sep 2017

can you please show Screenshots with and without your Feature Request?

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avatar MKTGExperts
MKTGExperts - comment - 9 Sep 2017

This is how I have plugin_url configured
screenshot 2017-09-09 00 44 41
This is how it currently looks by default screenshot 2017-09-09 00 43 43

We need the option so that the css could become the link, and the url the could be used as a title, and the link itself.

So you could then have this screenshot 2017-09-09 00 48 11

avatar coolcat-creations
coolcat-creations - comment - 14 Sep 2017

I created a customfield plugin for this and will publish it soon.

avatar brianteeman
brianteeman - comment - 28 Sep 2017

I dont see the real need for this in the core and it can easily be achieved with a custom field plugin. for example this one by @coolcat-creations https://github.com/coolcat-creations/plg_fields_iconlink

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