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17 May 2017

Steps to reproduce the issue

Try to create a custom field (i.e. in contacts) that has the same name of a custom field created for another extension (i.e. contents).

Expected result

The ideal would be to let creating custom fields with the same name, if they are associated to different extensions, but, if not possible, a message should explain better why that field already exists.

Actual result

appears this message:
"Save failed with the following error: Another Field has the same name (remember it may be a trashed item)."

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avatar stellainformatica
stellainformatica - comment - 17 May 2017

See PR #16069

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avatar zero-24
zero-24 - comment - 17 May 2017

closing as there is a PR. ;)

avatar zero-24 zero-24 - change - 17 May 2017
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