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avatar AstDerek
11 Mar 2012

Email cloak resets body content when loaded with AJAX

Now with MooTools! (needs some testing)

avatar AstDerek AstDerek - open - 11 Mar 2012
avatar nicksavov
nicksavov - comment - 29 Mar 2013

Thanks for coding this, AstDerek!

While we’re transitioning to a new integrated tracker, could you report the issue on our current main tracker at JoomlaCode and cross-reference each with a link to the other? Here’s the process for reporting on the other tracker:

Alternatively, let me know if you’d like me to create it for you and I can go ahead and do that.

Thanks in advance and thanks again for coding this, AstDerek!

avatar nicksavov
nicksavov - comment - 4 May 2013

I went ahead and submitted the tracker item:

Thanks again, AstDerek!

avatar coolbung coolbung - reference | 008f264 - 30 Aug 13
avatar phproberto
phproberto - comment - 3 Oct 2013

I'm closing this as it's not mergeable and 2 years old. Feel free to open if you update it and are still interested in get it merged.

Thanks for contributing.

avatar phproberto phproberto - close - 3 Oct 2013

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