avatar eddieajau
7 Apr 2014

How is the version strategy going to work?

Suggestion: Keep the major version the same as the Joomla CMS and start from 3.0.0.

Patches increment the last number, for example 3.0.1, 3.0.2.

New features increment the middle number, for example, 3.1.0, 3.2.0.

avatar eddieajau eddieajau - open - 7 Apr 2014
avatar Bakual
Bakual - comment - 8 Apr 2014

Keeping the major version in sync with the CMS version sure would reduce confusion. :smile:
I think it would also be kind of stupid to have a strong BC in the CMS, but then each extensions is raising major versions and breaks BC at will.
So I agree that it would make sense to only raise the major version for a core extension if the CMS does as well.

As for minor and patch versions, I would follow SemVer here as well, as we do with the CMS now.
These versions don't have to match the CMS version.
Given com_weblinks, it's unlikely that it will gain new features often, so I'd expect it to stay at 3.0.x for a long time.

avatar dongilbert
dongilbert - comment - 8 Apr 2014

IMO the only requirements for the extensions is that they follow SemVer and that the current major version match that of the CMS version it is targeting, just as you described.

avatar b2z
b2z - comment - 8 Apr 2014

Nothing more to say here :)

avatar dbhurley
dbhurley - comment - 9 Apr 2014

Looks good, I assume I can close this now. Please reopen if needed.

avatar dbhurley dbhurley - close - 9 Apr 2014

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